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On May 26, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, as Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, enacted the Israel Defence Army Ordinance, which was the basis for the organization of the country’s armed forces.

In the Order of the Day, Ben-Gurion wrote:

"Now that the State of Israel has been established, Hagana leaves the underground and assumes the status of a regular army. The Jews of Israel and of the entire world owe a profound debt of gratitude to Hagana. Without Hagana's experience, its planning, its skill in action and strategy, its spirit of devotion and heroism, the yishuv¬†would not have been able to withstand the terrible ordeal of blood to which it has been subjected these past six months, and we would never have had the State of Israel. The chapter written by Hagana will shine in Jewish history with a splendor that shall never fade. And now a new chapter is about to begin - the establishment of the regular Army of the State of Israel, the Army that will guard the freedom and independence of Israel in its Homeland”.

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